Gun Safe Specifications to choose the best gun safe

Do not be fooled to think that a thin metal gun cabinet will protect your guns. With a standard hammer and large screwdriver anyone can easily break into a thin metal gun cabinet. Strength is important when it comes to choosing the best gun safe for your needs.

Steel is very expensive and the smaller the gauge numbers of the steel, the thicker the material. So obviously the thicker the steel, the more protection the safe will provide.

Less expensive safes are commonly made of 12 gauge steel. A 12 gauge safe is much more manageable than one made of thicker steel, but unfortunately you can hack your way into a safe like that with a heavy axe.

Most criminals breaking into residential homes are however not walking around with an axe, heavy duty cutting tools or torches. Their most important objective is to get in and out as fast as possible. So we can say that it is reasonable to compromise a small bit to have a safe that is more manageable and affordable. With that said we still recommend 10 gauge steel as a minimum when buying the best gun safe.

Thickness of different gauges of metal:


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