What type of Fire Rating is sufficient in doing your gun safe reviews

Fire protection is another important consideration when buying the best gun safe. There is a lot of controversy around the topic, but as a general rule fire-proofing is a good thing and worth the extra cost.  “Fire resistant” means that the safe can resist heat and smoke for a certain period of time.

Basic fire protection standards are met by most fire resistant safes. The minimum standard is to be able to withstand a 1200º F temperature for up to 30 minutes. The temperature inside the safe then subsequently shouldn’t exceed 275 degrees during those 30 minutes. Your guns should be able to survive such circumstances.

For more protection you can consider a 1 hour fire rated safe at an obvious higher cost. If you are considering to also store documents in your safe, you should maybe purchase a smaller fire safe to put inside your gun safe. This will give you extra protection.

Another important factor in choosing the best gun safe is the fire seal on the door. A fire seal is an important part of a good fire rating. The fire seal appear as a flat strip of material around the rim of the door, which expands when it gets hot and then seal the door. A fire seal will also seal out most moisture from entering the safe when water is sprayed to distinguish a fire.

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