What type of lock is suited for the best gun safe?

lock1 lock2

The big debate between the mechanical and digital locks continues. Some of the best gun safes offer a mechanical and digital lock, thus providing the best of both worlds.

Electronic locks are very easy to use and faster to unlock if you need to get to your guns in a rush. While electronic locks are more popular, they provide the most problems when it comes to safes.

Mechanical dial locks are simpler and hardly ever give any trouble. A good mechanical dial lock can last for up to a few generations. Both digital and mechanical locks are safe, but you must change the battery of an electronic safe on a regular basis.

On the other hand with conventional dial locks, owners forget to relock their safe after opening it. You need to spin the dial after shutting the door. If you don’t, all a thief needs to do is turn the handle and he’s in the safe. However when you close the door of a digital lock safe, the door locks automatically.

At the end it comes to personal preference when choosing the best gun safe for your needs.

One last thing to consider when buying the best gun safe is that digital locks are more visible and usually lighted. In general you need a light to see the dial of a mechanical lock.

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